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Inicio » 2010 » Noviembre » 14 » Para los que tengan problemas con VISUAL-AEOL
Para los que tengan problemas con VISUAL-AEOL
Para todas aquellas personas que tengan problemas con visual aeol de autoescuela, suelen ser en maquinas viejas y que no han sido actualizadas desde el centro de actualizaciones de microsoft (windows update) hay un error que sale cuando intentas abrir el puesto alumno, es muy sencillo de arreglar, tan solo teneis que bajaros gratuitamente el microsoft framework 2.0 y se os abrira sin problemas, en maquinas nuevas ya suele veniros instalado con el windows, sobretodo en windows vista y windows 7, pero no en xq en versiones anteriores a service pack 2.
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4 Tomasz  
enough: Praise the lord for Twitter, Praise the lord for Instagram, Praise the lord for tumblr and lo and boehld Praise the lord for Vine. For he hath blessed us with the most wicked things. and boobies

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3 Perlafrica  
Great post thought pioovkrng! As a student of LOA, I wanted to point out that 'the Secret' is truly a better example of marketing than anything else. But the quote at the top that is your premise is based on a misunderstanding I would suggest that trying to 'banish' negative thoughts runs contrary to the whole concept of law of attraction; the law says that like attracts like, so pushing against anything, even negative thoughts, is also attracting it. My understanding of LOA is that we are creating the world with our thoughts collectively and individually and any solutions will be affected the same way; meaning that we never 'do' anything without having a system of thoughts that led to it. Religious people push against sin and evil and therefore, that is what they see in their lives everywhere. Pushing against negative thoughts leaves you thinking about negative thoughts.And I agree that thinking good thoughts for people in, let's say, Iraq will not help them, but if I'm thinking about helping and finding solutions for people instead of how they may potentially harm me, I'm far more likely to find solutions that help them. The world is what we make it if what you think about and desire is to find solutions and help people, chances are LOA will bring those solutions to you.[]

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2 PrinceS  
yo lo tengo instalado y no me deja entrar igualmente que puedo hacer?

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1 rabonsin  
Hola me iteresaria si algien me pudiera facilitar VisualAeol 7.6 astualisada

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